Landscape & Pool Lighting

Extend your day with innovative landscape and pool lighting.

When it comes to enjoying your poolscape at night, the right lighting makes all the difference. Much as candlelight sets the mood for an elegant dinner party, skillfully designed exterior lighting creates a special ambiance around your pool. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, lighting is also functional. It illuminates the pool for swimming, delineates pathways and lets you feel more secure. Outdoor lighting expands your home's living space. You can see examples at the Landscaping - Night Lighting gallery.

The advent of LED lighting has made a world of difference.

Lighting for pools, spas and water features has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to the developments in LED lighting. Now, instead of having one strong light in the deep end and very little light in the shallow end, a series of small fixtures can be placed around the pool to create a soft even glow. Also, lights can be placed in the nooks and coves of spas and water features to create specific effects. One of the most innovation company’s in the business is Spa Electrics from Australia, who supply Betz with a full line of premium pool and spa fixtures. The photo below shows one of their striking lighting installations in Australia.

View the latest in lighting design at the Spa Electrics – Gallery