Dry Gunite Difference

Only Betz uses the dry Gunite process.

Your swimming pool is only as good as the materials and workmanship that go into it. That's why on concrete pools Betz uses the patented dry Gunite process to create the most durable, long lasting pool shell money can buy.

Betz is one of very few companies in Canada that uses the dry Gunite process. Most instead use "shotcrete wet mix” which is hosed onto your pool from a ready-mix truck. Shotcrete must have a higher water-to-cement ratio, so when that water evaporates and the concrete sets it leaves a more porous, less stable pool wall.

The Betz dry Gunite process, on the other hand, uses only enough water to facilitate hydration. Unlike ready-mix, which can spend hours slopping around in a truck, water is added at the very instant of application, providing the densest possible mix. The result is a stronger structure that retains its integrity virtually forever.


Yes, the dry Gunite process costs more and requires greater expertise to apply, but Betz refuses to compromise on the quality of your pool.