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About Betz Pools

At Betz Pools, we understand that the allure of having a private retreat in your own backyard is a luxury that many homeowners desire. With over 80 years of dedication to perfection, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted leader in crafting exquisite backyard experiences.

Our core value is quality. Every backyard pool and retreat we create is a testament to this value, and is backed by a team that brings together decades of experience and long-standing company loyalty. This commitment to quality resonates in our meticulous attention to design and craftsmanship, ensuring each Betz Pools’ creation surpasses our clients’ expectations.

This image shows an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees at sunset, with lounge chairs, a woven sofa, and neat grass-bordered stone pathways.
An outdoor patio with modern furniture, a fire pit, and an inground pool surrounded by a garden, wooden fence, and part of a brick house.
An aerial view showcases a luxurious modern home with flat roofs, expansive glass walls, an outdoor swimming pool, and well-manicured lawn and hedges.