Compact Size, Full-scale Enjoyment

Create A Personal Oasis in Your Backyard with a Plunge Pool

Do you find yourself dreaming of a serene, personal escape right in your backyard, but worry about space constraints or the balance of your landscape? Many homeowners yearn for the luxury and tranquility of a pool, without it dominating their outdoor area.

Enter the charm of plunge pools, also known as small pools. These pools are carefully designed to fit into compact spaces, while still providing all the benefits of a full-sized pool. More than just a pool, a plunge pool is a statement, a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle.

The image shows a backyard with a kidney-shaped inground pool, a pool house, landscaped garden, flag display, and a clear blue sky.
Luxurious modern house with large windows overlooking a serene backyard with a rectangular swimming pool, patio furniture, lush green lawn, and trees at dusk.
An inviting backyard with a rectangular swimming pool, surrounded by lush trees, a wooden fence, a gazebo, comfortable seating, and warm lighting.

Betz Pools designed and built an indoor pool and hot tub for us. All went as planned and Ryan has been very helpful in coordinating the design, construction, and maintenance. Two thumbs up for him and his team!

— Haibo Xu

Betz Pools designed and built my exterior landscaping including a pool, hot tub, extensive landscaping, and fire feature. I am writing this review completely unsolicited because they are truly an exceptional company and others should know about them and hire them. The minute I met Marc Luff, who is one of the best salespeople I have ever met, I knew this was the right company for my custom home build project. He was straightforward and to the point. No BS.  He was transparent about pricing and delivered even during a global pandemic. After the initial design phase and during construction, the Betz foreman was always available to me, and still is, for any issues that I have experienced. Betz is a first-rate pool company and I recommend them to anyone who asks me who to use. Anyone looking for any sort of pool construction or landscaping should consult them without hesitation.

— David Preszler

We met Mark from Betz over one year ago, at our home; very client-centric. No other company compared. He was in no rush to close a deal, and offered up several creative ideas on design, even in the absence of a deposit. This summer, we are moving forward with plans. On Mark’s return to our home, he remembered our kids, our pet, and immediately recalled and understood our style. The Betz reputation continues to soar!

— Jeanette Dindia

We’ve lived in this house for 12 years. In that time, we have never been tempted to switch providers or to even research alternative quotes. Betz has been tremendously reliable, professional, and courteous. They always show up when they say they will and have responded to urgent requests very quickly.

— Peter McCann

It has now been two years that we have used the Betz services, and we have to say they have been excellent! From the time we met with Mark Luff who handled the entire pool construction expertly, always with a smile and very accommodating. He helped us build a small paradise oasis in our backyard in the heart of Toronto! Post-pool build, the exceptional customer service from pool opening to pool closing to regular weekly maintenance has been a very pleasant experience! Thank you Marc for your incredible support, know that you are considered to be part of our family! Thank you to the entire Betz team for your great service!

— Nicolas Caprio
This image shows a tranquil backyard with a swimming pool, modern patio furniture, trees, and a wooden fence illuminated by warm sunlight.